The idea for Clicks By Kat was born the day I walked past the realtor I was supposed to meet. She looked nothing like the “glam” photo on her business card. At that moment it “clicked” and as a photojournalist
I understood the need for people, not just news papers, to have realistic images that capture the moment.

The goal of Clicks By Kat has been not just take a photo- I capture the mood, the person, the moment as it real life. Special events and environmental portraits are my specialty.

Clicks by Kat will cover your graduation, birthday, picnic, rally, sporting event or fund-raiser and provide you with professional images. My award winning photo journalistic approach will capture action shots and quiet moments too. You can enjoy the event and enjoy the results.

Give me a call to talk over some ideas. My prices are reasonable and I shoot on-location. Call or text me at 216.926.4522 or e mail at